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VIPER release today, 09/13, the new single “Timeless”. The track, which was composed by guitarist and co-founder Felipe Machado, will also name the band’s new album, which will be released later this year on the Wikimetal Music label. Bassist Nando Machado (Toyshop) participates in “Timeless” showing all the strength of the VIPER family. The release follows the success of the singles “Under the Sun” and “Freedom of Speech”, and follows the band’s historic performance on the opening day of Rock In Rio 2022.

The new album, still without a confirmed release date, will be the band’s first unreleased since “All My Life” (2007), and is produced by Maurício Cersosimo (Paul McCartney, Avril Lavigne). The first singles from the album won clips directed by Caio Cobra, director of “Intervenção” and “Virando a Mesa” (Netflix).

Listen to “Timeless”:

The new album will be the first with the current lineup of the band, which features Leandro Caçoilo (vocals), Felipe Machado and Kiko Shred (guitars), Pit Passarell (bass and vocals) and Guilherme Martin (drums). The band is currently touring Brazil – in addition to the new material, the shows also feature the band’s repertoire of classic songs that include “Living for the Night”, “Rebel Maniac” and “To Live Again”, among others.

“Our album titles always come from some song. It was like that with “Soldiers of Sunrise”, “Theatre of Fate”, “Evolution”… to keep the tradition, it will be like that with “Timeless” as well. This song is a good summary of the album’s sound: fast, melodic, with a killer vocal. I think she has what fans expect from a VIPER song”, says guitarist and songwriter Felipe Machado.

“The next record has a very special name: “Timeless”. Time can devour you, hug you or simply pass by… but VIPER has gone through everything that time has given us. And here we are, always moving forward, always strong. The new record is amazing,” says bassist Pit Passarell.

“Timeless was the first song written for the record and it really shows the firepower of this new lineup of the band. It’s a beautiful sound by Felipe Machado”, says singer Leandro Caçoilo.

“Timeless is the theme for VIPER’s seventh studio album. With the band’s characteristic energy, this single surprises, because even keeping the original context of VIPER’s compositions, it shows an updated sound in the face of our current phase. “Timeless” will be welcomed by both new fans and those who have been following us for years. Enjoy!”, says drummer Guilherme Martin.

“The title track of the new VIPER album has some progressive rock/metal elements. The song is totally connected to the idea of ​​something timeless and has this atmosphere that matches the overall concept of “Timeless”, says Kiko Shred.


Formed in 1985, VIPER is one of the pioneers of heavy rock in Brazil. It was the first Brazilian heavy metal band to be a big hit in Japan. In the early 1990s, they topped the charts ahead of big world names like Nirvana and Van Halen. With albums like “Soldiers of Sunrise”, “Theatre of Fate” and “Evolution”, VIPER has recorded and toured Europe, USA and South America. During the tour in Japan, he recorded the live album “Maniacs in Japan – VIPER Live”. He also released “Coma Rage”, recorded in Los Angeles, and “All My Life”. They were featured in major world festivals, such as Rock in Rio 2022 and Monsters of Rock, in addition to having shared the stage in opening shows for bands such as Metallica, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Motorhead, among others.

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“Freedom of Speech” is now on all digital platforms! Composed by guitarist Felipe Machado, the second single from VIPER’s new album features a very special guest: bassist Daniel Matos, Andre’s brother and childhood friend of the band.

The production is by Mauricio Cersosimo and the art is by Fernanda Victorello, the same team that worked with the band on “Under the Sun”.
Listen to “Freedom of Speech” now, click below! paTPDJ0mCtqY

VIPER released the video for the single “Under The Sun” this Tuesday, 17th. This is the first official video of the band’s new lineup, sealing the return after 15 years without new songs.

The video is directed by Caio Cobra, director of the films Intervenção and Virando a Mesa, both from Netflix, with cinematography by João Leão.

“For me, the ‘Under the Sun’ video shows us that, far from being a revival of Viper, it’s proof that they’ve always been alive. They were just sharpening their claws”, says the director.

The clip features the current lineup of the band, which includes Leandro Caçoilo (vocals), Felipe Machado and Kiko Shred (guitars), Pit Passarell (bass and vocals) and Guilherme Martin (drums).

Lyrics vídeo by @alcidesburn

“Each song on “Inter Mundos” tells a part of the story. Arteiro meets DEATH in the song “Memento Mori”. In “Inter Mundos”, THE DEATH appears to Arteiro without a sickle or hood. She arrives smashing bones, in the form of a jaguar, named Caetana, and her three hawks: Sombrifogo, Caintura and Malermato. This personification of Death was created by the fantastic Brazilian writer, Ariano Suassuna. We have inserted it as a tribute to this great Brazilian writer.”
adds guitarist Glauber Oliveira.